13 July 2024

Remote debug Android devices

Android debugging of a web app is nothing new. I’m just posting my personal note if it can help someone else 😉 . The idea is of course to extend our LocalHost on the phone in order to test its application directly on it.

1°) Activate the developer mode on the Android

Enable USB debugging on android

The PIN code of the android is asked and finally you just have to go back to the SYSTEM menu to activate the USB Debugging.

2°) Configuration of Chrome or Edge on your computer

Just go to the DevTools settings via the URL

Once the control panel is open, connect the USB cable between your smartphone and your computer. A new message will ask you for Debugging Authorization.

Get the URL of your local application to debug. In the DevTools panel, you will have to redirect the port because the smartphone has its own localhost…

Finally you can manage the tabs of your smartphone browser from the computer as I show in this little video :

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