21 May 2024

Developing a Web Application with Blazor .NET

Since Blazor’s announcement in February 2018, the Microsoft ASP.NET team has boosted my application development skills. Here we’re talking about applications running in your web browser! What’s better for me than to develop in C# for the Web and enjoy at the same time HTML and CSS for the interface.

Introduction to Blazor

Let’s not beat around the bush, watch this video to better understand now what Blazor is:

I think by now you’ve understood my enthusiasm for Blazor! In addition, using Blazor WebAssembly or Blazor Server, you have a good choice depending on the application you want to develop.

Creating our first application with Blazor

Here we go, let’s go! In the next video, we will finally create our app. And without losing our good habit seen in the previous one, we’ll start from the Dev.Azure.com portal to create our project. We will also need Visual Studio. If you don’t have this last one a Community version is available for free on microsoft’s page: https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/

And finally we will publish directly from Visual Studio our application on our Azure hosting! Class no?

That’s it! We now know how to create a web application in C# and accessible from any computer! Be proud of us 💪

Create a rich interface

Now that we’re experts, we’re going to push the cork a little further and be able to create an extraordinary interface! Here I will show you how to create this with RenderTreeBuilder! Other simpler techniques exist to create components but for the one I present you, it was the only solution I found:

It’s a little bit stronger but the result is really nice, you’ll admit it !

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